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Don Julio


Vitezslav Cirok


Becher's Bar


Czech Republic


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Cocktail SOUL - soul ... It carries a message for future generations. For all of us. But most of all, as a proud father, just like Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada, I would like to send a message to my future grand-grand-grandchildren. "Love what you do. Enjoy life, take advantage of every single minute of life. Respect your roots and family. But most of all... most of all respect our beautiful mother earth. I have always loved my craft, my family, my friends, but I tried to find a balance to preserve this treasure for you too - future members of our family and generation.

Humanity is facing the biggest changes in history and it is up to us how we and the next generations will deal with it. Life is very fragile and it is up to us what our future will be...



Supporting Paragraph:

Country, landscape, land, home...

What is typical for Don Julio tequila. Soil in which then grows a unique plant - agave. However, the land and soil is also important for each and every one of us. Each of us lives in a part of the world that has its own history, character, that makes up our history and culture...

Soil. Formed by an endless process of change, development and renewal over a million years. The changes that make our planet what it is today - life.

In the SOIL drink, I decided to highlight the soil and celebrate its uniqueness. At the same time, I tried to use local ingredients that the soil gives us. In this way, we will combine the uniqueness of Don Julio tequila in connection with local tastes, which create a unique experience that captures the local landscape, culture and character.

The combination of Don Julio Reposado tequila, liquid peat, roasted celery and Moroccan pepper supports the idea of ​​soil composition - earthiness, woodiness, spiciness and minerality. Beetroot and black rowan juice gives the drink dryness and fruitiness, light refreshment...

The entire drink is decorated with "edible coal", a special decoration that we prepared in cooperation with the local Michelin restaurant - FIELD.

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