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APOLLO is a modern consulting program. We are professionals with many years of experience across F&B. Our creative and effective approach makes our clients' lives easier and happier.


Complete consulting service for greenfield projects and their implementation.


Consulting service for established businesses

and ongoing projects.


Modern drink and cocktail programs.


Design and implementation of the bar - bar stations, facilities, storage space.


Concept and design.


Our consulting agency can offer training programs for any other field of hospitality. Specially tailored for you or your company. Custom service for each project is priority for us!

Basic and advanced staff training.

Long-term coaching and supervision.

Team recruitment and training.

Standardization and work procedures.

Hospitality training.

Training in modern technologies and procedures.

APOLLO Bar school.


Events of our company is unique hospitality service for your party, event or celebration. Our service is always custom to your ideas and event more! 

Cooperation or organizing special events.

Parties, tastings, bar services.

Educational events, masterclasses.

Unique cocktail & beverage catering

Zero waste cocktails.

Alcohol-Free Cocktails


Assistance in building or developing a new brand, launching new brands.

Strategies and communication are the right words for our service.

Apollo Consulting will be helpful to bring your ideas for live.

Creation of new products.

Development of new technologies.

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